JIO Air Fiber Installation, Speed Testing & clear Review

Jio air fiber


For everyone in the modern digital world, including those who live in remote places, having a dependable internet connection is crucial. Because there aren’t enough cable connections in many towns, people still have trouble getting high-speed internet. Herein lies the significance of Jio Air Fiber. Jio Air Fiber is an effective option for rural communities looking for dependable and fast internet. It is particularly designed for places where standard cable connections are impractical. We’ll go over the installation procedure, expenses, and actual customer reviews of Jio Air Fiber performance in this post, along with how to set it up in your community.

What is Jio Air Fiber?

Jio Air Fiber is a unique broadband service offered by Reliance Jio that delivers high-speed internet over airways. Jio Air Fiber uses 5G technology to provide seamless internet access, in contrast to typical broadband offerings that need large cable networks. For isolated and rural locations where installing cables may be difficult and costly, this makes it the perfect option.

Why Choose Jio Air Fiber for Villages?

Villages often have inadequate internet access as a result of their remote locations and dearth of infrastructure. Jio Air Fiber is a fantastic option for communities for the following reasons:

  • No requirement for Cable Connections: Since cable connections are often unavailable in remote regions, Jio Air Fiber removes the requirement for them.
  • High-Speed Internet: The community can effectively carry out a variety of online tasks thanks to the high-speed internet it provides.
  • Cost-Effective Plans: Jio Air Fiber offers a range of plans to suit different requirements and price ranges, so it’s accessible to everybody.
  • Simple Installation: Installation requires little technical expertise and is an easy procedure.

Steps to Install Jio Air Fiber in Your Village

Jio Air Fiber installation in your community is an easy procedure. To get you started, consider the following step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Booking and Initial Payment : Booking the Jio Air Fiber service is the first step. You may do this at a nearby Jio shop or online. You will need to pay ₹1 as a down payment during the booking procedure. A building ID will be generated for your location after the booking is verified.

Step 2: Installation Appointment : You will have an installation appointment within a week of completing the booking. A professional will come to your place and set up the required equipment.

Step 3: Installing the Outdoor Antenna : The first step in the construction process is to set up the receiver outside. The receiver needs to be put up somewhere with a good 5G network connection. The expert will hold the antenna in place with screws and a stand.

Step 4: Creating the Connector Wire : Next, the expert will use a Cat F line to make a connection wire. The wire will go from the outdoor antenna to the indoor setup and back again. To make sure the joints are properly connected, the expert will use a crimping tool.

Step 5: Setting Up the Indoor Equipment : The expert will move inside to set up the tools inside once the antenna outside is in place. In this case, the connection line is used to connect the indoor unit to the outer antenna. After that, the indoor unit is hooked up to the power source.

Step 6: Activating the Service : After the installation is complete, the expert will start the service by giving power to the setup box and enabling the chosen plan. Setting up the WiFi and connecting the setup box to your TV are part of this step.

Cost of Installing Jio Air Fiber

The cost of putting Jio Air Fiber changes based on the plan you choose. Here are some popular plans and their costs:

  • 30 Mbps Plan for 6 Months: ₹5200 (including ₹1000 for booking and installation charges)
  • 100 Mbps Plan for 7 Months: ₹3340 – Other Plans: Prices change based on speed and length (e.g., 1 year, 3 months)

These plans include all the necessary tools such as the outdoor antenna, indoor unit, and setup box for TV.

Air fiber upload & download speed
Air fiber upload & download speed

Speed Testing and Performance

Testing the internet speed is vital after installation to guarantee you are obtaining the stated performance. A user tested their 30 Mbps plan’s speed in a recent review and came into the following:

  • 29 Mbps for download speed
  • 28 Mbps for upload speed

These findings show that the Jio Air Fiber service offers as promised constant and dependable speeds. The user also connected 10 cell phones and a TV among other devices without any obvious slowing down.

User Experience and Review

The customer evaluation indicates that Jio Air Fiber has provided generally good experience. The installation went without a hitch, and the internet speed satisfied standards. The following are the main lessons learned from the review

  • Smooth Installation: The procedure was simple and the expert finished the installation within the agreed upon period.
  • Consistent Speeds: The internet speed was constant even with many devices hooked up.
  • Affordable Plans: Jio Air Fiber is reasonably priced, excellent value for money among its many tiers.
JIO Air Fiber – High speed wireless connectivity

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Jio Air Fiber is a sensible and efficient answer for those trying to go above the difficulties of inadequate internet connection. Jio Air Fiber is a great option for introducing high-speed internet to rural regions because of its dependability, low pricing options, and simple installation technique. Jio Air Fiber has you covered whether your needs call for internet for business, leisure, or keeping in touch with loved ones.

Installing Jio Air Fiber in your village would be simple if you follow the advice in this post and will help you to experience fast internet. Thus, embrace the power of Jio Air Fiber and experience the digital revolution right in your hamlet; do not allow the absence of cable connections limit you!


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