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As the highly awaited Google IO approaches, interest is building among tech fans and daily users alike. The talk is especially strong for Gemini, Google’s advanced AI, which claims to deliver new changes. Before we get swept up in the event’s frenzy, let’s study the recent events in Gemini to prepare for the upcoming statements.

Gemini’s New Features on Desktop

Initiating Prompts in Chrome : One of the most important changes is that Chrome now has a new option for starting questions. With the @ sign in the address bar, users can now better handle their open tabs, bookmarks, and browser data. Starting April 30, you can now ask Gemini questions straight through this feature. Just type @Gemini and your question, and the website will appear to answer you. As long as your computer is up to date, this smooth connection is a quick and easy way to get to information.

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Extended Support for Older Devices

Gemini on Android 10 and 11 : At first, the Gemini mobile app could only be used on devices running Android 12 or later. This meant that a lot of people couldn’t use it. Luckily, support for Android 10 and 11 has now been added. Make sure you have the most recent version of the Google Search app on these older devices before you download the in the app from the Play Store. Testing on older devices like the Essential Phone that run Android 10 shows that the main features still work, though the experience might be a little slower. This makes it useful for more people, no matter what tools they have.

Expanding Language and Country Support

Multilingual Capabilities : The Gemini mobile app is now even more flexible, allowing additional languages such as Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, and German. Furthermore, app access has been increased to all countries where it is currently available, except for the UK, EU, and Switzerland. This broadens Gemini’s reach, making it available to a more diverse user group.

Upcoming Features and Changes

Voice Prompting and Instant Polish : In early April, Google held their yearly Cloud Next meeting, showing several new changes for it. Among these are the debut of voice suggestions and voice input for the “help me write” feature on mobile. Additionally, a new quick finish tool will turn rough notes into full emails with a single click. These improvements will be offered to Gemini Enterprise and business customers, as well as Google One AI paid users.

Integration with Google Chat and Google Meet : Google Chat is set to receive it’s integration, allowing users to review talks and ask thorough questions. Meanwhile, Google Meet will feature a new translate for me possibility, instantly finding and translating comments during video talks. These connections will greatly improve work and conversation across Google’s set of tools.

The Expansion to New Devices

Partnerships with OnePlus and Oppo : During the Cloud Next meeting, Google revealed that OnePlus and Oppo will add the Gemini big language model into their devices starting in 2024. Demonstrations featured features such as news and audio highlights and an AI tools, similar to versions by other makers like Samsung. While details are yet to be outlined, we can expect Gemini-powered functions in OnePlus devices later this year.

Gemini Nano 2 and the Galaxy S25 Series : Looking ahead, rumors suggest that Gemini Nano 2 will be ready in time for the Galaxy S25 series. While details are sparse, we expect gains in processing speed, accuracy, and personalization. This move fits with Samsung’s efforts to double its staff working on their own Exynos AI. It remains to be seen whether the S25 series will feature it, Exynos AI, or a mix of both.

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Resources for Enhancing AI Prompting

Google’s Prompting Guide : For those looking to improve their AI prompts, Google has launched a free-to-download asking guide. Although created for it in office apps like Gmail and Docs, the guide is an important resource for any AI robot user. It offers tips on best practices, creating specific results, and getting more creative replies. This guide is important for anyone looking to maximize their AI usage and improve their process.

Updates to Android Studio’s AI-Powered Assistant

Upgraded Studio Bot : Google’s Android Studio development tool got a major improvement to its AI-powered code helper, Studio Bot. Launched as a trial program in May 2023, Studio Bot helps devs create code, answer questions about Android development, and fix app problems. The latest change to the more powerful Gemini 1.0 pro plan offers better answer quality, relevant code ideas, and new templates to help coders. This improvement should simplify the development process, allowing coders to focus on higher-level features.


What is the new shortcut for Gemini prompts in Chrome?

By putting the @ sign in the Chrome search bar followed by @Gemini, users can quickly ask questions, which will open in the web page for replies.

Can I use the this app on older Android devices?

By putting the @ sign in the Chrome search bar followed by @Gemini, users can quickly ask questions, which will open the it’s web page for replies.

What languages does the app support?

The Gemini app supports Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, and German.

Which new features were announced at the Cloud Next conference?

New features include voice prompts, voice input for “help me write,” a quick polish tool for emails, and Gemini interaction with Google Chat and Google Meet.

What is the Gemini Nano 2, and when will it be available?

Gemini Nano 2 is a new version expected to be offered with the Galaxy S25 line. Details are restricted, but gains in processing speed, accuracy, and personalization are expected.


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